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Actuary Voices is the official podcast of the American Academy of Actuaries. This podcast brings you thoughtful conversations on the role of professionalism in both actuaries' day jobs and the Academy’s public policy work.

Actuary Voices Podcast
Actuary Voices Podcast
Actuary Voices Podcast
Actuary Voices Podcast

Linda Lankowski, chairperson of the PBR Implementation Work Group at the Academy joins Actuary Voices to discuss the upcoming PBR Bootcamp Webinar Series, her experience as a volunteer with the Academy and her outlook on the profession.

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On the latest episode of Actuary Voices, David Nolan is joined by Tricia Matson, the Chairperson for the ASOP No. 41 Taskforce and longtime Academy volunteer. They discuss her professional journey and answer questions related to the ASOP No. 41 Webinar that Tricia hosted in September.


Dr. Bruce Weinstein, also known as The Ethics Guy®, joins this episode to discuss ethical leadership in the workplace, and previews the session he will be leading on ethics at the Academy's 2022 Annual Meeting on November 3 in Washington, D.C.


In this special edition of Actuary Voices, the Academy's Executive Director, Bill Michalisin, sits down with Academy President Maryellen Coggins for a wide-ranging discussion on their experiences thus far in their respective positions, as well as their visions for the future of the Academy.

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Ben Slutsker, vice president of the Life Practice Council, joins Actuary Voices to share his experience in the profession and how attending the Annual Meeting contributed to his interest of becoming a volunteer and expanding his actuarial career. 


Sherry Chan, the Academy’s Pension vice president, is the latest guest on Actuary Voices, discussing her work on the Pension Practice Council and why volunteering with the Academy means so much to her. 


Vice Chairperson of the Committee on Qualifications Lisa Slotznick joins the latest episode of Actuary Voices to discuss the recent revisions to the USQS and how they relate to the main areas of the actuarial profession. 


Christian Benjaminson joins the latest episode of Actuary Voices to discuss multiemployer pension plans, the impact of the American Rescue Plan, and his outlook on the Academy's role going forward. 


The latest episode of Actuary Voices welcomes guest Cande Olsen, who shares insights about her actuarial career and recalls how networking has enriched her opportunities as a member of the Academy. Listen to Cande discuss her unique path and her contributions to the profession.

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Rich Gibson, a property and casualty actuary, joins this episode of Actuary Voices to discuss his work with the Academy, how professionalism influences his day-to-day and the future of the profession.

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Tom Campbell

Current Academy President Tom Campbell joins Actuary Voices and shares what led him to the  profession, his unique experience as president during a pandemic and his vision for the future of the Academy.

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Julia Lerche, Chief Actuary and Policy Advisor at NC Medicaid, talks about the importance of the actuarial perspective in public service. Julia also serves as the Chairperson of the Medicaid Subcommittee for the Academy. 

Linda Stone joins the latest episode of Actuary Voices to discuss her work as the Senior Pension Fellow at the Academy and how she helps influence public policy on retirement, pensions and multiemployer plans.


Annette James, MAAA, FSA, discusses finding the actuary profession and how it fulfilled her connection to public service. She also shares her experience as chairman of the Academy's Health Equity Work Group.


Laura Hanson talks about her experience with unconscious bias, how art influenced her career and shares her perspective on the Life specialty in this episode of Actuary Voices. ​


Actuarial Science may not have been the path offered to her, but Cathy Murphy-Barron broke barriers and found the profession anyway. ​


Listen to the second part of Actuary Voices podcast with former Academy President Tom Wildsmith includes Tom’s thoughts on the Academy’s decision to approach its international goals differently in the future and illuminates the process that brought the Academy to its new approach. 


Former Academy President Tom Wildsmith joins Academy Executive Director Mary Downs in the latest Actuary Voices episode covering a range of topics and professional insights


In this special edition of Actuary Voices, we feature highlights from the 2019 Annual Meeting and Public Policy Forum. Listen to Mary D. Miller and Carol Zimmerman receive awards honoring their exceptional contributions to the actuary profession. 


Academy President-elect D. Joeff Williams is interviewed by Academy Executive Director Mary Downs about how he became an actuary and the importance of combining business and actuarial skills.


In this episode, Academy President Shawna Ackerman covers a range of topics in a conversation with Academy Executive Director, Mary Downs. 

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