The American Academy of Actuaries was established in 1965 to professionalize the U.S. actuarial community and earn the public’s trust. The Academy’s role in the standards and institutions that make up the professionalism infrastructure are no accident; they are at the heart of the Academy’s mission. 

The Academy provides standards of conduct, practice, and qualification for the U.S. actuarial profession. These standards together ensure: responsibility, competence and trust.

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Tune in to Actuary Voices for a dynamic conversation featuring Annette James who discusses how she became an actuary, her experiences with discrimination, and how her work fulfills her connection to public service. 


Your Professionalism Questions Answered 


The latest “Professionalism Counts” column takes a deeper look into conflicts of interest and how to apply Precept 1 when they arise. 

Did You Know?


You can update your contact information for the Academy’s online directory so you can be found by your current and potential professional contacts. 

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Member Spotlight​


Each month, the Academy will  introduce you to a new actuary who shares a glimpse about their professional and personal lives.

President's Message


Read the latest President’s Message by Academy President Tom Campbell.

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Up to Code 

​This is a regular column in Contingencies.  Written mainly by members of the Actuarial Board for Counseling and Discipline.